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What are the most commonly mis-spelt words in the English language?
In language, spelling - asked by - 12 answers
Is *throve* a word? When I see a sentence with *thrived* I mentally change it to throve. Am I alone in liking those words?
In word usage, grammer, spelling - asked by natwarmer - 2 answers
How do i make Firefox watching my spellling?
In firefox, internet explorer, spelling - asked by Sn0wBoy - 1 answer
Is Australia slowly changing over to American spellings?
In spelling, British, American - asked by rainchild - 3 answers
In spelling, grammar, English language - asked by - 8 answers
What are your pet hates of English spelling? How do you overcome it?
In English, spelling, tricky - asked by - 8 answers
Do you get a spell checker that works with firefox that will pick up on words spelt phonetically?
In phonetics, spelling, firefox - asked by sheps101 - 1 answer
to be a goog speller part 2
In spelling - asked by (Guest28111) - 2 answers
What word do you think is spelt the strangest way and/or least phonetically?
In phonetics, spelling, words - asked by - 11 answers
Where can you get a phonics dictionary?
In english, dictionary, spelling - asked by sheps101 - 1 answer
Why are words in English spelt the way they are and not spelt phonetically?
In english, spelling, words - asked by sheps101 - 3 answers
My brother has this Zombie Application thing on his facebook, and his Zombie level is Leftenant!!! I just had an argument with him telling him that the word is spelt Lieutenant. Any help here?
In spelling - asked by - 6 answers
Why do the British abbreviate mathematics to maths (plural) whilst Americans do it to math (singular)?
In spelling - asked by duffield1 - 3 answers
Why is the Australian Labor Party spelled without a 'U'?
In spelling, politics - asked by rainchild - 3 answers
Does bad spelling annoy you?
In spelling, english - asked by - 12 answers
Doo yoo think wee will ever rite fonetically?
In language, culture, spelling - asked by - 6 answers
when do you spell numbers
In spelling - asked by - 6 answers
Is there any connection between the words "forfeit" and "counterfeit"? "Feit" is a very odd letter combination, but it could just be a spelling thing.
In Words, spelling, connection - asked by Hiheels - 2 answers
What does your phone number spell?
In general fun, phone numbers, spelling - asked by jeannebaxter - 2 answers
how many new words can be made from the word tremendous
In spelling - asked by (Guest7591) - 2 answers
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