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How many snooker balls arer on the table when a match starts?
In snooker, sports - asked by Russel.West - 1 answer
When were photo booths invented?
In passports, photos, inventions - asked by vultan - 1 answer
What shapes of leather are stitched together to make up a standard football?
In football, sports, sport football - asked by Russel.West - 1 answer
When college athletes leave college ealry to play professionally, how common is it for them to finish their degrees later?
In sports, education - asked by (Guest30952) - 0 answers
Who is fastest on a Rugby or a Football ground?
In sports, rugby, football - asked by athenabs13ohe - 2 answers
Does anyone know a link or program on the computer that can find what sport my body is best suited to ?
In sports, workout - asked by Leohuberh - 1 answer
What is the cost of an average basketball game in New York? What games can I go and see bewteen Nov 22-25th?
In sports - asked by Maygs - 2 answers
Are there any female drivers in Formula 1, maybe involved in testing, and will women ever race in F1 Grand Prix and win the world championship, or will this sport remain forever a male reserve?
In sports, Formula 1 - asked by - 5 answers
Do you think with the last f1 race os season there are going to be some dirty tricks played on Hamilton? and why do they have to resort to playing dirty, instead of playing fair in a race?
In sports, dirty, tricks - asked by reactivated - 3 answers
with which sport is chetan anand associated?
In sports - asked by (Guest30136) - 1 answer
Which former cricket captain of india was recently grantedon honorary commission of Lieut-col in the territorial Army?
In sports - asked by (Guest30136) - 1 answer
When were passports first thought of and by whom? Were prople free to travel anywhere around the world before this? (KNowing they would have to defend themselves of course)
In passports - asked by PARRY22 - 1 answer
did queens park rangers ever have the nickname "the spiders" ?
In history, sports - asked by orion88 - 1 answer
How do you get a sport recognised for the Olympics?
In olympic sports - asked by - 5 answers
Can you tell me. Did Sonia Lannerman break the 100 m world record, only for it not to be ratified because it was wind assisted?
In sports - asked by (Guest29384) - 1 answer
is a hole in one luck or skill?,i believe if you try to do it its skill
In sports - asked by - 5 answers
Why do male sprinters seek upper body development?
In sprinters, musculature, sports - asked by - 4 answers
Does my partner need permission from his daughters mother to get her a passport?
In Passports, holiday, children - asked by kimberley240605 - 3 answers
Has there ever been a riot at an international cricket match?
In cricket, sports - asked by jeannebaxter - 1 answer
Are there too many foreign footballers playing in this country today?
In sports, football, British - asked by - 4 answers
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