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How can I stop my dog from stealing food?
In dogs, food, stealing - asked by - 4 answers
If someone leaves their jam out and I use a tiny bit, am I in the wrong?
In jam stealing - asked by Maygs - 2 answers
I've got a bit of a moral dilemma with my daughters new friend. My daughter doesn't find it easy to mix as she is very shy but has recently become very good friends with a little girl (cont below)
In dilemmas, friendships, stealing - asked by - 3 answers
Should this Squirrel be arrested? Or has his normal food source been depleted?
In Squirrel, stealing, shop - asked by warriorprincessxena1 - 3 answers
Why is a picture hung but a person hanged?
In trivia, medieval life, stealing - asked by jeannebaxter - 2 answers
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