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How is the 'enjoyment' co-efficient measured when assessing the risks associated with illegal drugs?
In drugs, testing, evaulation - asked by duffield1 - 0 answers
how long does it take for alchol to pass through your urine system
In alchol, urine testing - asked by (Guest30478) - 1 answer
dna testing
In dna testing - asked by marge1983 - 2 answers
is there a maximum distance you can take a car for a mot
In law on mot testing - asked by (Guest29882) - 2 answers
In the happy world of motoring, what does MOT (as in the test) stand for?
In Cars, testing - asked by Hiheels - 1 answer
Can the immune system of a woman identify the DNA of a man as known after a second intercourse?
In DNA, testing - asked by Leohuberh - 6 answers
With the likes of Trisha & Jeremy Kyle now commonly using DNA to find out who was the father of a child, Would you want to know that your father wasn't really your father or a child you raised as your own was someone elses child?
In dna testing - asked by bikeman - 2 answers
Fire crews are to be given DNA testing kits so that yobs that spit at them can be identified, is this a waste of police resources trying to catch people who spit?
In firefighter, dna testing - asked by - 8 answers
In electrical testing what would cause a dead short
In electrical, testing - asked by (Guest23868) - 2 answers
Is animal testing wrong
In Animal, testing - asked by - 6 answers
I thought this question might have come up before, but couldn't find anything. Excuse me if it has. Do you think it is OK to test medicines on animals? Please don't just answer Yes or No - give your opinion.
In medicines, animal testing - asked by imfeduptoo - 3 answers
Okay teachers and spouses of teachers (and anyone else with an opinion), what are your feelings about SAT testing, especially KS1? Who gains more, or less, from it, the school or the pupil?
In schools, testing, education - asked by cairina.moschata - 0 answers
law on portable appliance testing in ireland
In patesting - asked by (Guest13490) - 1 answer
If a doctor accidentally discovers that a child is not biologically related to their Father, should they disclose this information?
In parental discrepancy, dna testing, paternity - asked by - 7 answers
Should newborns automatically be tested to determine paternity?
In dna testing, newborns, parental discrepancy - asked by - 4 answers
If you had doubts regarding the biological paternity of your “child” would you consider DNA testing or prefer to remain in the dark? Ladies, what are your views on parental discrepancy?
In dna testing, parental discrepancy, parenthood - asked by - 11 answers
what are the pros and cons of using animals for food, clothung, work, e.t.c?
In animal rights, animal cruelty, animal testing - asked by (Guest8203) - 0 answers
How long does it take...
In time, trivia, testing - asked by Messerwisser - 1 answer
What is the oldest criminal investigation that has been re-opened and solved using DNA testing techniques?
In true crime, dna testing, history - asked by vultan - 1 answer
What cosmetics companies still test on animals?
In animal testing - asked by sheps101 - 2 answers
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