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Waht legal response is required here?
In legal advice, vets, cats - asked by flip77 - 3 answers
Can anyone give me some information on cruciate ligament rupture for a dog as my dog has just been diagnosed but not really sure what it all entails?
In dogs, cruciate ligaments, vets - asked by - 2 answers
Do sheep need to be culled if they have blue tongue
In Sheep, vets, blue tongue - asked by - 3 answers
Will a vet put a healthy dog to sleep?
In Dogs, vets - asked by - 4 answers
How many feathers does it take to fill a queen size duvet ?
In Duvets, Quilts, Feathers - asked by Paul_Rook - 1 answer
veterinary my dog wants food all the time. She has always been a bit over weight due to her sweet tooth but she has never been a greedy dog. But for the past couple of months she wants food all of the time and is getting fatter. Can you tell me why
In vets - asked by (Guest14690) - 2 answers
veterinary I have jack russel girl she looks like she has a cold. what sud I do
In vets - asked by (Guest14153) - 2 answers
What difference does a tog make? How many degrees of warmth is a tog?
In duvets, warmth, snuggly - asked by Hiheels - 3 answers
the number of vets in uk
In vets - asked by (Guest1181) - 2 answers
house mice
In nature, pest control, vets - asked by GUEST154 - 1 answer
my 4 1/2 month old puppy keeps chasing his tail
In vets, dog behaviour, therapists for dogs - asked by GUEST154 - 3 answers
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