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I've heard that the Vikings got as far as Israel? Did they? When? And how on earth did they manage that without a scandinavian pine Sat Nav from Ikea?
In vikings - asked by P-Kasso - 3 answers
What sort of toys would viking children have had?
In history, toys, vikings - asked by NoisyParrot - 3 answers
What did the vikings do?
In history, vikings - asked by NoisyParrot - 2 answers
how did the vikings live at home and stuff like that
In vikings, viking, how vikings lived - asked by austinkan - 3 answers
who was the viking
In history, vikings - asked by (Guest25707) - 2 answers
did vikings have different helmets?
In vikings - asked by (Guest24682) - 2 answers
what's the name of 1st Viking?
In vikings, history - asked by vemod - 3 answers
People often say the vikings found America centuries before Columbus - what is the actual evidence for this?
In history, exploration, vikings - asked by kimphilby - 1 answer
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