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I have an albanian passport, and a permit to live in Sweden. Can I go to London and change plane to Ryaniar and go to Sweden? I don't intend to leave the airport. thank you
In travel, visas - asked by - 4 answers
i am married with polish girl and i would like to gonad live with my wife in poland ? where do we have to apply and can she apply there for me for a limited permission to stay there .. please help me ... thanks
In visas - asked by m2904s - 2 answers
Marriage in the U.S
In law, marriage, visas - asked by jakaherbie - 2 answers
iam originally south african married to a polish guy i have an eu family permit and we want to go to spain on holiday do i need a visa for going there
In visas - asked by (Guest14565) - 1 answer
Can you have a j-1 visa more than once?
In visas - asked by (Guest3067) - 1 answer
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