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My friend has a new modem with a wireless re router how do i find the connection key code to connect my laptop via wireless ?
In wireless, computers, laptops - asked by - 4 answers
Great balls of fire, my wireless connection's MUBAR...I have to plug in my Ethernet cable to get connected - so, not exactly wireless....
In Computers, wireless, connection - asked by Hiheels - 1 answer
Why do some links to websites knock my wireless connection right out? I just click on them and it brings up the dial-up connection box. It will reconnect via wireless, but it just seems odd.
In Internet, wireless, connection - asked by Hiheels - 3 answers
Does anyone with a wireless conection notice that the signal strength changes, depending on the weather conditions?
In wireless - asked by - 4 answers
Do you think Wireless Internet is easier, faster and generally better than the old method?
In internet, wireless - asked by Reckless19 - 2 answers
Is there anyway to tell if someone is stealing your wireless internet?
In wireless, internet, security - asked by - 4 answers
How do you set up a wireless network in an office?
In wireless, technology, computing - asked by frankie-o - 0 answers
Is it possible that my wireless router is sending out two signals?
In router, wireless, troubleshooting - asked by Baobab2090 - 2 answers
Apart from Apple's 'Air Tunes' are there any other solutions to creating a wireless speaker system in your house?
In wireless, sound, air tunes - asked by enola_gay - 1 answer
What is the 'celing' for data transfer over wireless and how cen this be expanded?
In wireless, network, computer - asked by Atlantis_device - 1 answer
What's the difference between wireless keyboard and Bluetooth technology?
In bluetooth, wireless, technology - asked by cleverhuck - 2 answers
Where can I get wireless internet connection in London for free?
In london, wireless, internet - asked by supreme_radiance - 1 answer
Who invented wireless internet?
In internet, wireless, technology - asked by Atlantis_device - 1 answer
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