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Lots of newspapers feature general knowledge crosswords and offer £500 up to a tempting £1,500 for the first correct answer. Do you think it is ethical to resort to Wikipedia etc for the answers you don't know in a bid to win the money?
In crosswords, general knowledge, ethics - asked by - 6 answers
What on earth is a 'giffer'?
In words, giffer, slang - asked by vultan - 2 answers
What's the origin of the word 'nincompoop'?
In origins, words, nincompoop - asked by vultan - 3 answers
What does 'jackanapes' mean?
In blackguard, old insults, words - asked by vultan - 2 answers
What does 'blackguard' mean?
In blackguard, old insults, words - asked by vultan - 1 answer
Do other people think the same as me that the prefix 'pre' is much misused nowadays?
In spoken words, Prefix, English Grammar - asked by seacommander - 3 answers
What little used words would you like to support?
In literature, dictionary, words - asked by CGA - 3 answers
Why do some words have letters that are not pronounced?
In Language, words - asked by - 4 answers
What does the word Rococo mean as in Rococo style furniture?
In English, words, rococo furniture - asked by Topaz2308 - 3 answers
Is there a name for people who hate children? A bit like misogynist but for children? Just wondering. No hidden agenda.
In english, words, children - asked by - 3 answers
What is the name of the button that is in the cradle and causes the phone to hang up when you replace the receiver?
In words - asked by rainchild - 3 answers
What is an 'apath', as in the phrase "You daft apath!"?
In words, phrases, etymology - asked by Timdawg - 1 answer
Is a theory different from a theorem?
In Theory, theorum, words - asked by - 6 answers
In words, numbers - asked by chrismw - 1 answer
Can repitition cause shock?
In language, words, offence - asked by - 4 answers
what is a spatchcock chicken? why is it so called?
In food, words, history - asked by agentju90 - 2 answers
What is the origins of the word "Armageddon"?
In words, history, language - asked by sheps101 - 1 answer
Why do we see academics and the media referring to "persons" when we have a perfectly good plural for person, "people".
In words - asked by - 3 answers
why are spider webs called cobwebs?
In words, nature, general knowledge - asked by agentju90 - 1 answer
Can anyone tell me some homophones? I need a list to teach the children that words can sound the same but be spelt differently.
In brain freeze, homophones, words - asked by - 8 answers
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