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The world's longest tapeworm?
In health, tapeworms, world records - asked by P-Kasso - 2 answers
when your dog has worms, should you treat the family as well ?
In dogs, worms - asked by Theminxy1 - 1 answer
I need to catch some Blood worms from my patio pond to feed my tadpoles, how do i catch the little blighters?
In general knowledge, bloodworms, catching - asked by reactivated - 3 answers
Does anybody know the life cycle of a thread worm?
In general question, thread worms, life span - asked by Sapphire10 - 1 answer
What time do worms get up in the morning?
In worms, early birds, alarm - asked by wumpus - 2 answers
Why don't worms' ears get filled up with earth as they burrow through the ground?
In earth, worms, hearing - asked by Candy.DeRun - 4 answers
Why do they put a worm in the bottom of the bottle of tequila?
In alcohol, tequila, worms - asked by - 5 answers
In worms - asked by - 4 answers
My pet worm seems to have a motivation problem - do you think if I take him/her to the vets they be interested in resolving the problem?
In worms, veterinary, problems - asked by - 6 answers
Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I'm going to go eat worms! (Or something like that?)
In phrase, origins, worms - asked by pixificational - 1 answer
Why are all the worms climbing out of my compost bin? Is it some sort of lemming effect?
In general knowledge, worms, nature - asked by - 4 answers
If your worm could talk, what would you ask it?
In scouting, for, worms - asked by - 4 answers
MY daughter wants to no why are slow worms so called when there not slow moving?
In Snakes, worms - asked by tarapalmer1974 - 3 answers
can you get ring worm in your mouth and what will it look like
In ringworms - asked by (Guest1671) - 2 answers
What's the name of the medicine for worms in the UK?
In worms, medicine, drugs - asked by japanese_trinity - 1 answer
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